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Street Angels
Street Angels 
Churches Together in Camborne have been looking for ways to reach out to young people on the streets for some time now. The last few years has seen a ‘Night-Watch’ prayer team from across all denominations coming together to open a church on a Friday night. This period of prayer led us to explore the Street Pastors initiative.

We have the full support of local police, local government and commerce.
Camborne is a small town in West Cornwall that has suffered considerable deprivation. It lies in the one of the poorest parts of Cornwall. At night there are growing issues on the streets putting young people at risk. We aim through love to provide pastoral support to those out on the streets through this initiative.

Camborne Street Pastors want to:
    ▪    be a visible presence of Christ on the streets 
    ▪    be a listening ear to the lonely, the vulnerable, the frightened, the    intimidated, the hurting.
    ▪    offer genuine, non-judgmental pastoral support to those who request help.


The PRIMARY aim of the Project is to offer a safe environment for people who are sleeping rough or are vulnerably housed for a period in the day when very few other facilities are available. The environment is intended to be warm, inviting and welcoming.


People using the Project must feel that they are able to come without being prejudged or discriminated against.

The Project offers a free breakfast to those who wish to partake but it is NOT the sole reason for people wishing to use it.

The SECONDARY aim of the Project is to try and ensure that people using it are aware that there are other resources, facilities and agencies who can assist them.    There are also resources available for those wishing to seek help with their addictions or health problems, e.g. Freshfields, CADA DrugsTeam.

Whilst the Project is firmly rooted in its Christian faith and beliefs it should not be seen as an environment where people can be subjected to any form of evangelism, other than that of service. Exceptions to this are where an individual raises issues of their belief, or questions your own beliefs.     Requirements for starting a Breakfast Project  

 Church and Community Fund
The Church and Community Fund grants

The Church and Community Fund grants of up to £10,000 are now available to community projects run by parish churches, deaneries, dioceses and other bodies connected to or working in partnership with the Church of England. 
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