Landevennec pilgrims 2015 
How was the Landevennec 2015
pilgrimage for you?
Dear Friends,
It was a privilege to share some spiritual journeying with all of you on the Landevennec Pilgrimage. Taking time out to share and to focus on such a full NT teaching with space for silent reflection was very nourishing.
Quakers like to say ‘we are all unique, precious, children of God'. Coffee (in the café), Compline and Company cemented our ‘uniqueness' on this stretch of our journey.


Dear all
The pilgrimage to Landevennec has been enriching to me and such retreat is always good for me to go deeper in my journey with the Lord. It has been a special personal time to dedicate it to Him and to see that He is always present. It is just to let my door always open! The different addresses have helped me in my meditation, particularly the Gospel;- On the Road to Emmaus. And also praying with the offices and attending to the daily Holy Masses, with the monks singing!

This has helped to concentrate in my prayers and to focus on Him and to love my brothers and sisters in Christ better, even if we are different!
Thank you very much for your warm welcoming in the group. Ifelt that I have been adopted by you, even if I was the odd one with a non-UK passport. The authorities, though a bit fussy, were doing their job! Thank you to the organisers who have succeeded to create a good fellowship amongst us. Hope to see you in Sclerder! - God bless

Dear all
Just a note from Anne and I to say how much we enjoyed our pilgrimage with you to Landevennec last week. Thank you all so much for your company, friendship and fellowship. We have been thinking a lot about our experience, and come to realise how valuable it has been. We look forward to the next one. Thank you especially to those who organised it so well
Best wishes

I was richly blessed by the experience in a lasting way. It is a wonder to think of the continuous prayer for our world which rises from the Abbey 24/7. I woke in the night and remembered that all over the world, monks are holding us up in prayer. The long silence was new to me and a wonderful thing to do. Different than the silence of living alone. I shall remember the pilgrimage with joy. Thank you It was a privilege to be one of the pilgrims. I loved it all, the fellowship, laughter, silence, prayer in a place sanctified by centuries of prayer. I found it very helpful to look at the road to Emmaus from different angles. I thought it was the perfect time of year to go with the apple orchards in blossom and the licac in flower.
I had a very enriching experience with you all and with the monks in such beautiful surroundings. I found not understanding French very beneficial because the services, sounds, peace, voices were enriched for me. So often meaning cannot be conveyed in words and so often incorrect meaning is conveyed in words. I have always had a problem with the words when Christians say "Christ is the way" because I know there are many paths to enlightenment and people who say otherwise are clearly wrong. This I have experienced Many thanks for the experience. I am able to see past what has been a very big barrier for me.